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Donglify by Electronic Team, Inc.

Remote access to USB security dongles over the Internet

Donglify is a professional-grade software application designed to let you connect to licensed hardware USB keys from remote computers over the Internet. With the Multi-connect option, you can securely share access to USB dongles with an unlimited number of networked PCs at a time.
Donglify main

All-in-one software tool

Donglify is a complete software solution that makes it possible to remotely connect to USB security keys without using any additional hardware or cables.

Shared access

The software allows accessing shared USB security dongles from multiple remote computers simultaneously.

Full emulation

Shared USB dongles appear on a remote computer like they were plugged directly into that machine.

Encrypted connections

Donglify uses advanced 2048-bit SSL encryption that reliably protects network communications with remote hardware USB keys.

Comparison Table

Let’s compare some of the features offered by Donglify and FlexiHub:
The multi-connect function currently works with
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