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Hi, it's amazing to meet you!

We are the Electronic Team, Inc. — the ones who came up with a fantastic idea of an app for sharing USB security keys over the Internet (now known as Donglify) and then made it work to perfection.

Our aim is to keep up delivering feature-packed multiplatform software apps that are super easy to use, and the best for failsafe connectivity regardless of the physical distance.

Our core targets
Ridding of the need to plug a dongle directly into every machine you need to use it on.
Creating a fully-featured software substitute for dongle-sharing gadgets.
Overall simplicity: on more than a couple of clicks to access any networked USB dongle.
Compatibility with every single dongle type and brand at the current-day market.
Donglify is a point-and-shoot app that makes it as easy as possible for all levels of users to remotely access hardware USB security keys (a.k.a. dongles) over the Internet. Even better, the advanced Multi-connect feature is there if you need to make a dongle accessible for all your team members’ PCs at the same time.

Want to find out more about all the wealth of Donglify’s features?

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Our winning strategy
The key thing separating us from others is providing full-cycle software development from early-stage analysis on out to professional product support.
Agile approach
Our software is compatible with all popular operating systems. Plus, on top of a subscription plans variety, you can contact our Sales team for a custom plan adapted for your business needs.
Expert Tech support
Our efficient help desk team is always here to deal with whatever issue may arise. And the leading-edge data protection algorithms will surely eliminate the data leakage risks.
Constant up-grade
All Electronic Team software products get improved on an ongoing basis. Thuswise, you should be expecting regular software updates with lots of new handy tools and features.
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    If interested in white labeling, software integration, post-sales support, and/or there's anything we can do to be of assistance, please, don't hesitate to contact us.

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