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What People Say About Donglify

  • Using Donglify is a great way to increase security dongle's lifespan

    David Stevenson, Primary Operations Manager at Pittman Dental Lab
    Our trouble started at the very point we’ve hired extra staff to work on our laser-cutting unit. The machinery serves no purpose without a process-specialized software that won’t start unless you have a USB license key plugged into your laptop. We’ve only got one key, and it was plugged in and plucked out so many times it literally fell to pieces. The production stayed put on pause for almost a month while we waited for a replacement. No one wanted to have downtime like that any time soon (or ever again, for that matter), so we’ve started shopping for options. Donglify Is actually kind of perfect for what we need. It’s simple, it’s efficacious, and, not least, enables us to keep our license key safely attached to a server while everyone just uses the app to access it via the network.
  • Donglify is a double win: boosts safety and cuts cost on hardware key replacement

    Daniel Schneider, Product Advisor, Technical SEO
    The key reason to buy Donglify for us is to relieve our sales reps of the need to carry around a security key. That teensy-weensy thing is a must-have to go through the two-factor authentication to the protected hard drive with the CRM database, and it's all too easy to lose. And every time one of those goes amiss, we have to hurry up and collect all the rest to change the code, ‘cause safety. Imagine what a huge pain it can be. And a wallet-busting one too, that's a given! That’s a good thing we won’t have to do it again. Now we make do with a single key plugged into a desktop in the main office, and the employees use Donglify to connect the said key to their laptops through the Internet. The 2048-bit SSL encryption algorithm makes sure all the connections are free from the risk of unwanted access, and the handy multi-connect feature sees that no one has to wait for his turn to use the key.
  • Perfectly safe way to share a Hardlock license dongle with a distant branch office

    Esther Newman, Donovan Controls, LLC
    The idea to scale up my small design-engineering business by opening a branch office in the uptown looked so pretty and perfect. But since a second license for the CAD software we use is way out of my budget, I'll have to drive for three hours there and back every morning just so the other team could use the only license dongle we have. Sounds ridiculous, right? You bet, I’ve been looking for a better option. Even considered having the dongle cloned, but all those pages selling the deal looked shady enough for me to bottle out from the jump. Thank goodness, I’ve cut a sign of Donglify! Now I can just share the dongle from my workstation, and it will be accessible over the Internet, so my other team can use it whenever they need to. And all traffic will be encrypted, so it’s totally safe to do.
  • Buying a Donglify license was by times more cost-efficient than spending funds on dozens of eTokens

    Elizabeth Gilmore, Flutter developer
    Our retail company purchased Donglify right after a major software upgrade that included a premium license for the phone manager we use. That is only natural, given that some apps won’t start without a USB key, and most software retailers only give one or two of those and will charge a piece of jack if you want some on top. Donglify is a much cheaper option, and, so far, we’ve never had any issues with this app’s performance. Most of the dongle keys we use are SafeNet eTokens, so the multi-connect feature works just fine, and the app’s data safety level is more than enough for our security system.
  • Donglify is a bridge connecting our team

    Lawrence Atkinson, Director of Information Technology
    Donglify is the only way I know to legally share my digital audio workstation license with other band members and the production team. Getting everyone an authorized key copy from the software distributor is way too pricey and, being a square apple, I won’t even consider piracy. That's so my luck that I’ve spotted a review and set sights on giving Donglify a try. And it has proved remarkably effective. I mean, if I've learned anything from a little short of two decades in the music industry is that truly wonderful things can be achieved when there are teamwork and collaboration. And now that’s in easy reach, thanks to Donglify.
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