Easily share USB dongles anywhere with just a couple of clicks

Donglify is a software solution to the problem of sharing a USB security dongle over a network connection. It is a professional-grade application that eliminates the need for a USB dongle to be physically present in order to be used. The program enables the redirection of USB security keys over the Internet. Donglify allows you to share your licensed USB dongles so that you can manage them remotely from any location.

Why share dongles?

It’s not uncommon that an owner of a licensed USB key needs to access the functionality of their device when a physical connection to the device is not possible. Donglify helps resolve this problem once and for all. Thanks to the advanced port redirection technology that powers the solution, you can forward your USB security dongles over any distance and to any environment.
  • Share USB dongle over the Network
  • Connect USB dongles to a virtual machine

    If a USB dongle that’s attached to your computer is not recognized by the virtual machine you are running, no worries. Just install Donglify on both the host and guest operating systems and redirect your device to a virtual environment without any limitations.

  • Remote access USB dongle
  • Protect device’s lifespan

    A connection between a dongle and a USB port is often damaged from device’s wear and tear. With Donglify, your USB hardware key doesn’t need to be constantly switched between different machines. You can simply share your dongle over the Internet and access it remotely from any networked PC.

The optimal solution for USB dongle sharing

Gone are the days of moving a dongle from machine to machine in order to get things done. Now you can share a USB dongle with a computer that doesn’t even have a USB port.
Dongle sharing software
Donglify - the optimal solution
Donglify - the optimal solution
Increase productivity by putting an end to the practice of physically connecting dongles to the machines on which they will be used.
Donglify offers a total software solution that eliminates the need for additional hardware to share USB dongles over a network.
Ease of use - access any network-attached USB dongle in just a few clicks.
Supports many different types of dongles on the market today.

Share USB dongles over network with Donglify!

Simply connect your licensed USB dongle to one machine and then share it with any number of users via the Internet, Ethernet, or Wi-Fi network. Using Donglify, you can make a single dongle available to any number of remote machines. This improves the productivity of your team and reduces wear and tear on the physical devices.
  • Access security dongles over RDP

    Find out how to get access to security keys remotely over RDP. Redirect a USB dongle to a remote desktop using dedicated software.

  • USB dongle in the virtual machine

    Donglify allows you to redirect a USB dongle to any Hyper-V machine. Learn how to passthrough a USB dongle across a network in order to use a USB dongle within a VM.

  • What Is A Dongle Key?

    Discover "what is a dongle?" and find answers to the most popular questions have about USB security dongles.

  • USB dongle server

    Explore software and hardware solutions of USB key server. Step-by-step instructions on how to implement a USB key server with the help of Donglify.

  • Run software without dongle

    Simple steps that enable you to connect a remote machine to the computer that is attached to the physical security key. Use software remotely without dongle with Donglify

Why choose Donglify?

Secure communications

Donglify deploys 2048-bit SSL encryption that reliably protects all connections you establish.

All-in-one solution

You don’t need to use any additional hardware or software tools (hubs, cables, etc.) to be able to share your USB dongle on one computer and connect to it remotely from another.

Simultaneous access

With Donglify, you can make the same USB device accessible to multiple machines at a time.*

Full support

Shared USB dongles will appear in a remote system as if they were physically connected to that computer.
The multi-connect function currently works with
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