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Multiple Dongle Sharing With Donglify

Olga Weis Olga Weis Apr 2, 2024

The unrivaled multiple dongle sharing feature (a.k.a. multi-connect) is pretty much the main reason why using Donglify is the best way of splitting a security dongle over a network. With its help, several computers can connect to a single dongle all at the same time. As a result, you can keep your dongle safely connected to the same machine minimizing risks of it being lost or damaged and thus prolonging its lifespan.

What is Multiple USB Dongle Sharing?

Split USB Dongle between several machines

The most frequent question that arises when it comes to dongle deployment is: how can multiple computers use one USB dongle?

With Donglify, the vast majority of popular-brand dongles are by default open for concurrent access from any number of remote computers. So whenever you’re splitting a security dongle over your network, check out the icon next to its name. The ‘Multi-connect’ icon means that after this USB key dongle is shared, several remote users can connect it to their machine at the same time. The ‘Single-connect’ one indicates that while one of the remote PCs is connected, all the others will have to wait for their turn.

On top of that, Donglify offers you three options for making your local USB peripheral remotely accessible:

  1. Share your device with any user logged in to your Donglify account.
  2. Send invites to remote users so that they can connect to your local device from their own Donglify accounts.
  3. Create login tokens and pass those to other users you want to share your account with while not having to reveal your email address and password.
Donglify is a lightweight software application capable of redirecting USB dongles over the network.
With this program, you can share your local USB security dongles with multiple users at a time* and easily connect to remote USB dongles over the Internet.
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Available on Windows 7/8/10/11, Server 2008 R2/2012/2016/2019/2022, Windows 10/11 on ARM, macOS 10.14+
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How to Split USB Dongle over Network?

The USB devices shared from a computer logged in to your Donglify account will be instantly available for connection to all the other PCs logged into the same account, provided that Donglify is installed on every side. In other words, you need to install Donglify both the machine where your device is connected physically and the machine from which you want to access it remotely. This way, you are free to use your dongle anytime and from any of your machines.

Here is what you need to do to share one dongle between two computers (or more, if needed):
Sign up for a Donglify account.
 Log in for Donglify
Download the app and install it on the PC to which has the physical dongle attached directly (we’ll call it a device server) and all computers that will need to access the dongle remotely
 Download the app
Start Donglify on the server computer and log into your account to see the list of local USB dongles available for sharing. There should be the “Multi-connect” icon next to the USB dongle you are going to share, meaning that after you share that dongle it will be accessible to several remote machines simultaneously.
 Select the device
Click “Share”.
 Donglify as dongle server
On a client computer, launch the program and sign in to the same Donglify account to see the list of devices available for connection.
 launch the program
Find the one you need and click “Connect”.
 Donglify as dongle server
Here you are! The software will be splitting the security dongle over the network so that anyone in your team can access it whenever that is needed. All it takes is that awesome “Multi-connect” feature of Donglify software!
“Multi-connect” real-life experience
  • We use Donglify for USB dongle sharing over the network. Given it’s a SafeNet eToken 5110, we can fully exploit the advantage of the multi-connect function. Meaning, one can access the key at all times, no matter if anyone is connected to it alongside. Another plus point is a totally self-explanatory interface, thanks to which we could take Donglify into use with no additional staff training.
    Murtaza Thompson

Overall rating 4.5
based on 198 reviews
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