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FlexiHub vs Donglify: TOP dongle sharing app comparison

In this article, we are going to have a look at the merits, flaws, pricing, and key peculiar features of two popular USB dongle-sharing solutions named FlexiHub and Donglify. This comparison is aimed to help you choose which of these two tools will suit your needs better.
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Comparison Table

Let’s compare some of the features offered by Donglify and FlexiHub:
Simultaneous connections to the shared USB dongle checked checked
License type Subscription Subscription
Subscription options • Basic (10 simultanious connections)
• Advanced (50 simultanious connections)
• Enterprise (custom)
• Personal: 3 connections*/5 nodes**
• Team: min. 5 members
• Business: custom
Sharing USB dongles over the Internet checked checked
Access to the software account using a login token checked checked
Adding support for a new USB dongle based on logs checked checked
Cross-platform compatibility
Client side Windows, macOS. ✓ Windows
✓ Linux
✓ macOS
Server side Windows, macOS. ✓ Windows
✓ Linux
✓ macOS
✓ Android
Free demo limitations 10 computers, 7 days 5 shared devices
30 days
Proxy server n/a Redirection Server
• no need for external IP
• multi-network communication
• works through the Firewall
Security Login tokens for safe account sharing Login tokens for safe account sharing
Lock for device access control
Encryption 2048-bit SSL 2048-bit SSL
RDP access checked checked

* Connection number defines how many remote devices you can connect to over the network at the same time

** Node is a machine you can log into your account on

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Donglify: purpose-specific dongle sharing solution

Donglify is an advanced software tool specifically built for establishing reliable and secure connections to remote USB dongle keys over the Internet. One of the most remarkable features of this solution is its ability to enable simultaneous access to a dongle from multiple remote machines.


Price: from $19 per month
Trial: 7 days
Platforms: Windows, MacOS

Pros and Cons

As a specific-purpose software solution, Donglify will be a perfect fit for those looking for a powerful tool that can safely USB dongle over the network in a couple of clicks. Now, let's consider Donglify’s most significant pros and cons.

icon pros Pros.

  • Simultaneous access to the dongle: popular dongles are by default open for access from remote computers.
  • Time savings: Donglify allows several computers to access a USB key at the same time, so your employees won’t have to wait in a queue to start using licensed software.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Donglify minimizes the risks of losing or damaging your dongle, potentially saving you thousands of dollars on replacements.

icon cons Cons.

  • Internet dependence: For Donglify to work, all the machines you plan to use it on must have a stable Internet connection.

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FlexiHub - the easiest way to share a USB over network

FlexiHub is a USBsharing application widely loved for its extremely powerful connection technology, user-friendly interface, and variety of subscription plans.


For individual users, FlexiHub offers secure one-click access to USB and COM devices of all types over any distance. For small businesses and in-house helpdesks, FlexiHub has a collaborative team account with flexible user management options, and large businesses can order a high-capacity plan custom-tailored for their specific needs.

Price: from $14 per month
Trial: 30 days demo period
Platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, Android, Raspberry

Pros and Cons

FlexiHub is a universal software solution suitable for a multitude of purposes and any business size. Let’s have a closer look at its strengths and weaknesses.

icon pros Pros.

  • Communication: Thanks to the built-in FlexiChat, users logged into one FlexiHub account can exchange text messages in real-time.
  • Virtualization: FlexiHub can redirect USB devices to many popular virtual environments, i.a., VMWare, Microsoft Hyper-V, Windows Virtual PC, ESX, Citrix XenDesktop, and QEMU.
  • Connectivity: the latest FlexiHub versions support various connection options, including RDP, so you can choose the best for your situation.

icon cons Cons.

  • Market-orientedness: Free demo version has time and capacity limitations. To fully enjoy the software, you will need to purchase an annual subscription.
  • Bandwidth-sensitivity: It is recommended to have a fast Internet connection for the best FlehiHub performance.

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