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Get access to CAD software without USB license dongle at hand

Olga Weis Olga Weis Jun 18, 2021

It is commonly known that 3D modeling has radically changed the way people create, modify, and analyze project designs. With the help of dedicated CAD (computer-aided design) applications, the ideas can be explored and brought to life faster than ever. Quick adjustments, individual blocks for frequently drawn items, photorealistic renderings, convenient tools for collaboration on visualized 3D designs, and streamlined file sharing are just some of the advanced capabilities offered by current CAD software.

With all the many unique features they provide, there’s one thing that is common to most CAD programs of today. That is the USB license dongle that usually comes as a part of the software package and serves as a means of protection from unauthorized use of your valuable app.

This compact flash-drive-looking device has to be connected to a USB port of the computer where your CAD software is going to be run. Once connected, it unlocks the software making it ready for work.

CAD software access issue

What is the problem?

Have you ever found yourself in a situation when you needed to share a USB CAD dongle with several of your colleagues? The inability to connect the same hardware key to multiple computers or redirect it to a virtual environment in addition to device breakage or loss are the challenges a designer, drafter, architect, or engineer may face on a daily basis.

The solution

Donglify is all you need to share a CAD USB dongle securely over the Internet. This handy app lets you connect to any USB hardware key remotely whenever you need it. With Donglify you can use a USB license dongle no matter the device’s physical location.

A few mouse clicks are enough for your USB device to appear on a remote computer as though it were attached directly to that machine.

Use Donglify to access remote USB dongles. If you use CAD software dongle you may easily connect it from remote PC and get all advantages of the software. Simple and handy solution for your needs - Donglify.
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Let’s take a closer look at how Donglify works:

Step 2. Attach the license dongle that you would like to share to your local computer via USB. Download the app and install it on that PC. Start Donglify and sign in to your account.
Step 3. Share the dongle over the network by clicking the respective button.
 share the dongle
Step 4. On your remote computer, install Donglify and sign in to the same account that you used for sharing your device.
Step 5. Once done, you will see the USB dongle as a device available for remote connection. Hit Connect.
Here it is! Now you are able to activate your 3D modeling software using that USB dongle like it was plugged right into your computer.

The fields where Donglify has already proven its efficiency

Thanks to Donglify, the license dongles used by the following CAD software can be utilized on several computers at a time with no need to move the devices from one machine to another.

Woodworking business and furniture industry

woodworking business

Software solutions: CABINET VISION, Torchmate, SketchUp 3D.

Remarkably accurate CAD software for woodworking allows modeling anything from simple chairs to the highest-quality luxury furniture thanks to the plethora of outstanding features it offers. It lets you manage complex design details, generate cut lists in 3D, work with layouts, access primary estimating functions, and many more.

Interior design and architecture

interior design and architecture

Software solutions: Home Designer Software, ELITECAD Architecture 15.

Cutting-edge technologies that power CAD solutions for the construction industry give you a way to create 3D building models with all parametric components automatically stored in a database in the background. Depending on the solution you choose, you can change the representations with a couple of clicks and easily switch between 2D, 3D, solid, hidden line, wireframe model, or high-quality rendering. Plus CAD software may feature integrated virtual reality visualizations allowing you to “walk through” your model in real-time and make any adoptions that will be synchronized with already created plans.

Jewelry design

Jewelry design

Software solutions: RhinoGold, 3Design, EasyJewels3D.

By using CAD software that is entirely dedicated to jewelry design, you may create highly detailed 3D objects and save them to files ready for СNС machining and 3D printing. The 3D jewelry design software makes it simple to calculate the number and weight of stones needed, work with gems and prongs orientation, add custom texts and symbols, sculpt anything you want, and adjust its size, color, and material.

Dentistry CAD tools

dentistry cad tools

Software solutions: 3Shape Software, exocad.

CAD software solutions for digital dentistry are a must-have for any modern dental cliniс. To deliver the right treatment to their patients, dental specialists rely on dedicated 3D modeling tools that allow the creation of accurate and efficient dental designs, from standard restorative to orthodontics and implants.

Machinery design, СNС programming

machinery design, cnc programming

Software solutions: CAMWorks, TopSolid, EZ-CAM, GibbsCAM.

There’s a great variety of CAD/CAM applications that have been built for the machining and sheet metal industries. Those are focused on simplifying the machine design processes by letting engineers access extensive libraries of cutting tools and cutting conditions and make rapid calculations via exceptionally user-friendly and innovative interfaces. CAD software for machinery design supports 3D and 2D design, direct design, history-based design, and a multitude of CAD file formats.

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