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Protect your security key from damage or loss

Olga Weis Olga Weis Sep 13, 2023


The focal point of this article is finding the best way to increase the USB dongles’ lifespan. Every user of a licensed software protected with a hardware dongle key will almost inevitably have to deal with the problem of breakage or loss of said key, which results in spending a small fortune on a replacement and wasted time waiting for it to be shipped.


Fortunately, there is a very handy software tool named Donglify that is capable of protecting and extending the security keys lifespan.

Donglify is the ultimate software tool that makes your routine dongle-related experience as simple as possible yet fully comprehensive. Keep on reading for an easy-to-follow guide on sharing a USB key over the network that eliminates the need to replug it from one machine to another. Plus, you’ll find out more about some awesome benefits Donglify has to offer.

Extra perks that come with Donglify:

  • You’ll always know your dongle keys’ location.
  • Far less dongle unplugging and replugging.
  • Dongles are less likely to get stolen, lost, or broken.
  • Simultaneous dongle use for multiple users.
  • Easy remote access to a dongle from all over the network.
  • No need for any extra apps or gadgets.

Here are some real cases of Donglify improving our clients' situations.

Donglify helps users optimize and enhance the usage of security dongles. Most importantly, it saves your time and allows you to extend the lifespan of your dongle and save your money. Here are some reviews by our users sharing their thoughts:

  • We purchased Donglify for our graphic designers so they both can access the one and only license dongle we have for the glass-printer’s software. In fact, that used to be a backup one before its predecessor literally fell to pieces due to heavy use. I mean, they used to physically reattach the poor thing from their colleague’s PC into their own every time they had a printing job. And that’s far more than a dozen times every single business day. Now, with Donglify, they don’t have to do that at all since whoever needs the printer can connect to the license key over the network. The printer’s software sees no difference at all. A great solution for a long-standing issue.
    Rafael West

Overall rating 4.5
based on 198 reviews

As illustrated by the examples above, Donglify spares you from having to plug the USB key in and out all day long causing service wear, and stress over losing some pricey software license due to a missing USB key.

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