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USB dongle server: software and hardware solution

By the dongle server definition, it’s a very handy tool you can use to cut through the restrictions of accessing remote USB license dongles. There are two available options: the software and the hardware one. Keep on reading to find out more about both of them.

  1. USB dongle server software
  2. Dongle server by SEH Technology

The hardware option involves the use of a dongle server that makes a USB dongle accessible across your network. When using a dongle server, it is not required to have the license dongle connected to the client’s machine for the client to access the protected data directly.

Hardware dongle servers have a substantive limitation on the number of users that can access the dongle in a typical point-to-point network connection: only one at a time. Luckily, there is a more versatile and user-friendly software alternative called Donglify. With its help, you can even redirect USB security keys over the Internet!

USB dongle server software

Donglify doesn’t have the connectivity limits of a hardware dongle server. Using the advanced port redirection technology, Donglify allows you to connect a slew of USB dongles to a computer, and then share the license keys with multiple users over the Network. No additional hardware is required.
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How to make a dongle server using Donglify

Check out this video guide if you want to know how Donglify can help you with setting up a USB dongle network server

Share dongles

Dongle server software: step-by-step instructions

Before you can use Donglify, you’ll need to sign up for an account on the Donglify website. Once you have successfully created your account, you will be able to download the dongle server software.
Install the application on the server (the device where the physical dongle will be attached) and then on all the client machines requiring remote access to the USB dongle. Start Donglify and log in to your account, when prompted.
 Log in for Donglify
In the window that appears after login, click on the "PLUS" icon to reveal a list of USB dongles that can be shared with the client machines.

Take note of the "Multi-connect" and the "Single-connect" text boxes next to the USB dongles’ names. The "Multi-connect" means that you can have multiple concurrent connections to that USB key dongle, and the "Single-connect" indicates that the device allows for only one client connection at a time.
 list of USB dongles
Select the USB dongle you want to share by clicking the radio button next to it, and then click "Share".
 Select the device
On all the client machines, launch Donglify and sign in to your account. After that, you’ll see a list of available devices. Select the one you want to connect to and click "Connect".
 Donglify as dongle server
Yes, it’s really all that it takes. Donglify becomes a reliable USB key server in just five simple steps, and now your USB key can be accessed from anywhere on your network.

Some key features of Donglify:

  • Multi-connect: use this handy feature to make a USB device accessible from a handful of remote computers on a single occasion.
  • Time and costs savings: minimizing the risks of losing or damaging your USB dongles or having them stolen without compromising their availability for users.
  • Top-notch security: the 2048-bit SSL encryption will take care that sharing your software license dongles over the network is completely safe and totally reliable.
  • Easy set-up: Donglify’s installation and initial configuration are so easy you can start using it in no time at all. Plus, there is no need for any extra hardware and software.
  • Access control: you can assign a dongle to a specific user, department, customer, etc.
  • Full compatibility: Donglify works with almost every USB dongle on the market *
The multi-connect function currently works with
The multi-connect function currently works with
The multi-connect function currently works with

Who uses a USB dongle server?

You’re going to all the way benefit from using Donglify if you are:

  • A service provider that has to do with licensed product maintenance for various customers. Using Donglify, you’ll be able to deal with all your hardware license keys remotely and practice an individual approach to each client.
  • A developer of a licensed software looking for an easy way to give a product trial to potential customers without having to mail them hardware dongles. With Donglify, you can make a dongle available for remote access through the Internet for as long as you need. No mailing cost, no dongles lost.
  • A large or medium business with numerous field staff and/or extensive branching network. Utilize Donglify to share dongles through your network and every employee will be able to access those as needed whenever they go. This way, you’ll have no stress over damaging or losing any of your keys as they’ll be all safe in your main office.

Anyone who owns a licensed software product protected with a USB security key.

Dongle server by SEH Technology

A popular dongle server is the dongleserver Pro from SEH. It is a piece of hardware that makes possible a point-to-point connection over the network allowing users to access USB key dongles as if they were physically connected to the computer.

usb license dongle server

You can use dongleserver Pro as your hardware USB license dongle server to share hardware license keys over LAN. You’ll have two options to choose from: dongleserver Pro with 8 USB ports and dongleserver ProMAX with a good 20 of those. Both models are compatible with many popular dongle brands and have a lockable cover over the dongle compartment to prevent unauthorized physical access to the connected dongles.

Also, you can get optional add-ons, e.g. a Rack Mount Kit that allows you to mount the dongleserver Pro into a standard 19-inch server rack.

The point-to-point connection provided by the dongleserver Pro is not limited to LAN. You can use it over VPN, VLAN, and the Internet as well. This provides for more comprehensive options of setting up the environment according to your specific requirements.

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