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Remote access to USB dongles of dental CAD software

Olga Weis Olga Weis
Mar 23, 2021

In recent years 3D modeling technologies have got a lot of play in a great many fields. Dentistry provides one of the most impressive examples of their successful implementation.

As opposed to the conventional methods of mechanical production, digital technologies that involve the use of high-precision electronic printers, 3D scanners, and dedicated dental software allow taking dental laboratory processes to a whole new level.

As you may know, modern dental software offers a great variety of features meeting the most diverse needs of dental professionals. At the same time, there’s one thing that almost all dental applications have in common. That is a small security key (dongle) provided after the software purchase.

Donglify is an easy-to-use app for secure remote access to USB dongles that can be effectively used with the top software solutions in digital dentistry.

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The hardware key holds your subscription or license info and allows access to the application on the computer to which the key is attached physically.

While a USB dongle is extremely efficient in enhancing the security of your app, you may find it rather challenging to share the key among several technicians at the same time.

Without the physical security dongle, the software becomes inaccessible, which means the dongle has to be constantly connected to and disconnected from different computers that, in turn, may result in its breakage or loss.

Luckily, there’s a compact app designed to help you access virtually any USB key remotely and protect damage or loss with just a couple of clicks.

How to connect 3Shape and exocad USB dongles over the network

Donglify is a simple yet powerful software tool that comes to the rescue when you have no possibility to attach your license dongle directly to the machine where the dental software is going to be used.

Donglify will let you share the hardware key over the Internet so you can connect to it from one or several remote computers at a time.

To achieve this, you should choose one of the two options offered by the solution:

✔ You can share the hardware key within your Donglify account with remote users logged in to it.

Note: This method is also recommended when you need to access the same USB key remotely from several of your computers.

✔ Send invites to users that have their own Donglify accounts.

How to get remote access to a 3Shape USB dongle - step-by-step guide

(Depending on the software you use, it can also be an exocad security key or any other licensed USB dongle)
First, you create your Donglify account on the official website.
Then, download the software and install it on the computer that has the 3Shape security key, which you are going to share, physically attached.
 install Donglify
Launch the Donglify app and sign in to your account:
 Start Donglify on a client computer
Click the “plus” icon in the software interface and you’ll see the list of devices available for sharing:
 USB dongles available for sharing
Select the one you need and click the “Share” button to make it accessible to remote computers.
 Select the required USB dongle
Now, install Donglify on the machine from which you want to connect to the shared 3Shape dongle or Exocad dongle remotely.
Start the app and log in to your account. The list of devices available for connection will appear in the software interface.
Find your dental software dongle and click “Connect” below its name:
This is it! Now you can use your 3Shape dongle remotely like it was plugged directly into your PC.

It’s important: Donglify is compatible with a wide array of USB dongles. However, it’s worth checking whether the security key you would like to share is supported by Donglify before the software purchase. With this aim in view, Donglify offers a free 7-day trial to its new users.

Dental CAD software by exocad and 3Shape. What you need to know.

If you are looking for a software application that will let you save significant time and dramatically improve planning, design, and analysis processes, you may consider the solutions created by exocad and 3Shape.

DentalCAD software by exocad

Exocad Dental software

Exocad is widely known as a provider of highly-reliable and high-performance dental software running smoothly even if dealing with the most complicated cases. The exocad’s creations can improve your workflow by operating seamlessly and with quick response times. This software is popular among both experienced dental technicians and young professionals.

The standard version of the DentalCAD program by exocad includes fully anatomical crown and bridge pontics, digital processing and transfer of a wax up, primary telescopes and many more.

In addition, you can choose an optional module working as an extension to the basic version.

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Available on Windows 7/8/10, Server 2008 R2/2012/2016/2019/2022, Windows 10 on ARM.
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The following are the exocad modules you can add:

Implant module - for construction of individual abutments and screw-retained bridges.

Bar module - for crown, bridge and bar constructions.

Virtual Articulator module - for simulating jaw movement and considering dynamic occlusion when designing restorations with occlusion.

Bite Splint module - for designing therapeutic night guards.

TruSmile module - to visualize dental restorations for the patient.

DICOM Viewer module - to visualize voxel data from CT machines when designing dental restorations.

One of the greatest things about the exocad software is its compatibility with a vast variety of third-party dental 3D scanners, mills, printers, and materials.

3Shape CAD/CAM software

3shape CAD software

Another solution that is definitely worth your attention is advanced Dental System and Ortho System software developed by 3Shape.

The 3Shape’s user-friendly applications make it simple to design dental restorations fast and accurately. With this software, dental technicians can concentrate on craftsmanship and artistry - the software will care about the rest.

3Shape CAD/CAM programs allow you to:

  • Boost your productivity and fatten the profits by offering professional services like smile designs, dentures, surgical guides, clear aligners, etc.
  • Access freely the system of design services, libraries and 3-party equipment including, dental scanners, mills and dental 3D printing devices.
  • Engage your patients by demonstrating photo-realistic digital smile designs.
  • Produce clear aligners with printed models and a vacuum former, and many more.
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