Accessing USB Security Dongle Over Remote Desktop Connection

Remote Desktop Protocol offers a simple and secure way to create a connection with a remote desktop computer. However, when one wishes to redirect USB dongles over RDP, you’re not going to find a solution that will be easier or more effective than Donglify.

Donglify was developed as an app completely dedicated to help users share USB security keys over RDP. Donglify allows USB security keys over RDP to appear as if they are attached directly to the specified machine.

Accessing Security Keys Remotely Over RDP

Donglify provides users with the capability to share USB keys on a local computer while working via Remote Desktop Protocol.
Once attached to a shared port, your USB device will then be forwarded and connected to a remote client automatically. As an added measure of convenience, Donglify allows the ability for simultaneous access. Not to mention, users can assign the same USB dongle to be accessible on multiple machines at the same time. This way, you and your team will always have access to the USB devices that you need, whenever you need them.
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How To Redirect USB Dongle Over RDP

Step One: Create your Donglify account and install your Donglify software on any and all computer systems that you wish to participate in communications.

For example: You would install Donglify on the machine physically connected to your USB device. You would also install the software on the PC from which you will want to have remote desktop access.

Step Two: Run Donglify on the computer acting as the server, and then sign in with your account credentials when prompted.

Step Three: Navigate to the “+” icon in the window. From there, a list of available local USB dongles will open up that are shareable.

Note: You should be able to see a “multi-connect” or “single-connect” icon next to the USB dongle that you are intending to share.

The “Multi-connections” icon symbolizes that you are able to share a USB key dongle, which will then be accessible to several remote PCs concurrently.

Alternatively, if you choose the “Single-connect” option, your shared dongle will only be accessible by one machine at a time.

With Donglify, you’ll have several options to best fit your particular RDP requirements.

Step Four: Check the “radio” button next to the USB dongle you would like to use, and then click the “Share” button.

Step Five: Launch the Donglify program on the client computer, and enter the same credentials as before to log in.

Step Six: Navigate to the App’s window where you will then see a list of devices available to connect with. Locate the USB device you want to connect with and click “Connect”.

That’s it!

Once connected, you will be able to use USB security keys on a remote machine without any limitations. Donglify will ensure that your connection is protected by advanced encryption, and you can rest easy knowing that your dongle cannot be intercepted or lost.

Additional benefits

  • Multi Connect Feature
  • Minimal Network Configuration Is Required
  • Support For A Wide Variety Of USB Dongles
  • Stable USB Connections


Undoubtedly, most of you have seen the abbreviation “RDP”, and are aware that it stands for “Remote Desktop Protocol”. However, the finer details of exactly what an RDP is and how remote desktop protocols work might be helpful to know. Briefly, here are the basics of RDPs.

Using tools built into the Windows Operating System, an RDP is a secure network communication protocol that allows users the ability to connect remotely to a computer system running Windows OS.
Remote Desktop Protocols give users the ability to initialize connections and transfer data between a specified client and a specified server. When you start an RDP session, you are not only able to see the remote desktop of another system, but you can also access its local resources- as well as redirect your own local devices (dongles) to the remote computer system.
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