Using a USB dongle in a Hyper-V virtual environment

Within an environment of virtual machines and connected peripherals, any USB devices that are connected to the host machine cannot be accessed within the virtual machine. However, in the case of Hyper-V, you can redirect USB dongle traffic away from the host machine to the guest virtual machines (VM).

Read on to find out how to pass through a USB dongle across a network in order to use a USB dongle within a VM.

Software solution to forward a USB dongle to the Hyper-V

Donglify is a USB dongle redirector that is available just for this situation. It allows you to redirect a USB dongle to any Hyper-V machine. With Donglify you can grant access to any USB device that is shared on the network, making it accessible to your VM, regardless of physical proximity.
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USB dongle redirection technology enables the forwarding of a USB dongle over the Internet. With Donglify, the host machine can connect to any USB dongle on any other remote computer.

Steps to passthrough USB dongle to Hyper-V:

  1. In order to use Donglify, you need to create an account. Once you’ve successfully registered, download and install the application on all the computers that require access to the USB dongle. You must also install the software on the machine where the physical USB dongle is connected (referred to as the device server).

  2. Once you’ve successfully installed the software, start Donglify on the server computer. You will be prompted to sign in to your account.

  3. Once logged in, click the “Plus” – this will display a list of locally available USB dongles.

  4. Click the radio button to select the appropriate device from the list, then click the “Share” option.

  5. Now repeat the start and login process on the client computer.

  6. Locate the desired device from the list on the screen and click “Connect”.

Share the USB dongle from the server, it will then be accessible from any virtual client machines.

You’re all done. The shared USB dongle will appear in the Hyper-V Device Manager. The virtual machine can now access the USB dongle as if it was physically connected.

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